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smitten kitchen crispy potatoes

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smitten kitchen crispy potatoes

Hey Deb, do you think about 3-4 hours of refrigeration would be enough? I think these would be an amazing base for nachos toppings or chili and cheese. Twelve years ago: Shaker Lemon Pie Repeat with remaining potatoes. Is it one-and-done, or can you reuse / repurpose it? It can be frozen too for longer-term storage. I’d probably skip the cheese and serve with aoli. The hubs said do again! Obviously, this is Sunday dinner. Thanks for a new way of thinking about roasting potatoes! Plus, I was looking for a gratin alternative for potatoes for my family’s Seder on Monday night and this fit the bill perfectly. Thank you, Deb, Happy New Year!! These crispy, crunchy potatoes are a real treat! (and it’ll be parve!). Simple ingredients, so everyone will love it…yet looks spectacular. If casserole seems to brown too fast, cover it with foil to slow it down. They get creamy soft and just melt into the potato. I made enough for myself and my boyfriend. Let us know if you try it! Did a recipe round up on these- they were AMAZING. Sprinkle generously with salt … They seem to be more moist which lends itself to a bit of a creamier interior. It still tasted like dynamite, though. Any suggestions from you or your readers as to what I could serve with this to make dinner. Almost any kind of double-cooked potato is great, including mom’s leftover mashed potatoes fried up as potato pancakes the next morning. Also, I make your chana masala every week. Best potatoes I’ve ever had. A dish to truly impress others with your cooking skills! And yes, I’ve tried to roast them instead and it’s just not the same, not even close — the smaller pieces and corners turn black before the angles of the chunks get any color on them. Great recipe isnt it! Made this with my mixer slicer and shredder attachment, took less than 2 minutes. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I made these for Easter and they were a big hit, with garlic and paprika aioli so so good , These made our Easter brunch! Although it does have an insanely long baking time I was able to bring a Parmesan sprinkled version to short notice Easter celebration this weekend. Thanks! The only difference, my recipe called for pouring one and one-half cups of low-salt chicken broth over the whole thing and then baking for the first half-hour covered and removing the cover for the remainder of the time. I’m a terrific baker, but I’m still working on my knife skills :). All I can say is these were delicious! Lordy! with baked and then refrigerated potatoes. Let them fry for 8 to 10 minutes, turning pieces over as they brown underneath, until pieces are a deep golden brown all over Thanks for the lovely prompting–next time potatoes are on sale, I’m doing it again. I have a question though: The potatoes seem to “rust” before I’m done no matter how much oil and butter I slather on them. The potatoes look fab, must give them a go! I also used Yukon golds with small diameters and could fit it into an aluminum pie pan in a circular pattern. crispy sweet potato roast – smitten kitchen. The potatoes will be too loose and floury and not crumble into nice chunks unless they’re fully cold. They are such a lovely flavor addition. @margaret: he is hiding in the thinly sliced shallots link :). I used one Russet potato and some miscellaneous potatoes that I thought were Yukon golds but they came out equally crunchy! Yum! This looks seriously delicious. Well hidden but cute as ever….nevermind. Genius! It’s dangerous to know how delicious they are, damnit. I was wondering about cold baked potatoes, too! made this for dinner tonight I fell for it once as well, but on Jaden’s (SteamyKitchen) site, not Martha’s. Do you think this dish could be made in advance, cooled slowly and then reheated in the oven? I’m one of those hard core potato eaters, and this recipe looks like something I’d love to eat by the fistful. The caramelized onions complimented the buttery herbal goodness of the potatoes perfectly! Anyway, it’s really a personal taste thing, i.e. Once you’ve picked the dish that seems the best fit for your slices, pour a tablespoon or so of the butter/oil mixture in the bottom and spread it evenly. Easy enough to have boiled potatoes for dinner one night and save enough back to make this yummy dish. New here? It also looks like pringles :p. This looks absolutely incredible! You want those “crags” and rough edges. Just made this (along with your onion soup: boy was The Hubbs impressed!). I borrowed my mom’s mandoline (must get one!) Delicious :). pour the potatoes into the bowl and toss to coat the potatoes. I think these potatos will set them straight! I’m going to try this with rosemary…. These potatoes look so gorgeous! I savored each half crisped, half creamy potato slice and ate with my fingers ;) You’re the best! Thank you for all you do for us. I am worried about not having a mandolin, buuuut I’m diving into this one right after work. I love this new idea for potatoes! I’m assuming this can’t be done without a mandoline? This looks awesome and has my name written all over it. Bacon, more herbs, cheese… anything like that would punch it up a lot. And yay, link to Hyperbole and a Half! Um, I love potatoes and carbs to an almost criminal level and this looks beyond divine. Great photo! http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Potato-Casserole-241203. My little suggestion, is if you can bold the recipe so it is easier to find, because when i try to find what ingredients will i need, i have to scan through the writting, which is fine cuz you write interesting stuff, but its hard to notice. To be honest, I’m not really a fan of potatoes at all unless they’re in french fry form, but these look simply divine and PERFECTLY crispy, just the way I like them! Wild rice, deeply roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli and a miso-ginger-tahini dressing all piled into one bowl make this one of my favorite everyone-approved weeknight dinners -- use any kind of rice or combination of vegetables you've got; the dressing is the star. New here? I will be making this soon. Though I like the look of your crispy can’t-decide-if-I-want-to-be-a-potato-chip-when-I-grow-up look :), This was very yummy with half sweet potato (not yam) and half regular potato. These look amazing! I used chili infused olive oil and it was so good!!! Again thanks for the wonderful recipes:-) :-). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Absolutely delicious and really easy- I only stirred them a few times. I did add some diced pancetta which was a good add. Really good with a dollup of Greek yogurt on the side! It took right around an hour for the top to crisp up (delicious!) I was wondering about pressure cooking potatoes whole. I’d cover it with foil when you reheat it (or most of the way) so it doesn’t get too charred at the edges. Guess I will just have to make the french fries ‍♀️. Lordy, how I do love spuds. I make something like this using Yukon Golds, purple Viking potatoes, golden and regular beets, thinly sliced onion, carrots and parsnips. I was going to make your potato kugel to go with my braised brisket this weekend, but now I am leaning towards this…esp because I am limited to one oven. The Barefoot Contessa has a similar looking idea with slicing the potatoes into thin slices but leaving them intat so teh potato sort of fans out. (onto the next recipe adventure), Would it affect the recipe at all if i prepped the casserole the night before? 4 shallots, peeled Everything went as described in the recipe, and the extra fussing about the size of dish was very helpful. . Can’t wait to try this one out! Thank you! Woah… Smitten Kitchen, Hyperbole and a Half, and potato chips. These look amazing, I seem to be missing a step in the recipe or just missed it. But, only the top edges came out crispy – the middles were a bit soggy. What a great side to pretty much any meal. Delish – and oh so presentable on the table. I make it all the time. Nevertheless, my family is not Kosher. Must the potatoes be boiled or would cold baked potatoes work? Do you think this would work decently with sweet potatoes? I love you! Maybe I just made mine quickly enough that it didn’t happen? So slicing the potatoes like you did and pouring on the cream can only be good, better, great!! Adapted from Martha Stewart. I would love to share this dish with my mom, whose house is kosher, as it would be a perfect side dish to her brisket, but I’d need to skip/replace the dairy. This is gorgeous! okay what am i doing wrong? Brush each potato with a bit of olive oil. You can strain and reuse it. POTATO CHIPS MASQUERADING AS GROWN-UP SIDE DISH. I do think I overdid it with the salt because I was worried that salt on the bottom and top wouldn’t be enough, but it would have been. If you want a slice between almost every potato slice, use more. Also think purple potatoes would be awesome! How do you do it?! The dish is stunning. Man that looks so good, that is definitely going on next weeks menu. 16 tbsp 4 ounces, or 115 grams) unsalted butter, unsalted. :) ), Thanks again for inspiring me to make “Malaysian Crispy Potato Roast” on Season with Spice. And that first picture is just so appealing; it’s like you could pluck the potatoes out, one at a time, happily crunching your way through the entire dish…. But now that I have broken my silence, I’m going to break down and ask a favor….will you please print a list of your favorite eateries in NYC? This looks fabulous! I only have a toaster oven, but it worked out great! This is the perfect “company” potato dish. These are truly the best potatoes ever. Eleven years ago: Chewy Amaretti Cookies I, too, have this in the oven right now and the house smells DELICIOUS. It seemed in proportion, so I carried on. Either way, very nice. This dish is awesome!!! Didn’t hesitate to boil some potatoes when I first saw this and just finished eating some! I had it all nicely planned out. This looks absolutely amazing. Alicia from Spain!!! Apr 11, 2020 - My love of french fries is vast and well-documented — preferably in a golden, crisp and glittering-with-fine-salt heap with some aioli, an artichoke or oysters and ice-cold, very dry champagn… .. thanks for the inspiration. crispy crumbled potatoes. I only adjusted the time by 30 seconds or so. I think it may be time to make those (or yours) soon! I’ve been through this post several times and can’t seem to find it….I always look forward to those new pics! It is sad to see so many restaurants we all love now shuttered with owners and staff suffering. Why did you do this to me??? https://www.thekitchn.com/smitten-kitchen-crispy-crumbled-potatoes-23086248 Keep the cream level low so the tops stay crispy. They are absolutely transcendent. Frankly, they’re my favorite anyway. Oh wow, this looks amazing and there is so much potential here. Totally destroys any hope of it being a healthy side dish…. I bet it would be great with turnip slices mixed in. A few no-fail tricks to create crispy, golden latkes that look precisely like flying spaghetti monsters/tiny piles of rope mops, plus a new one: these days I use potato starch instead of flour for the clearest flavor and lightest texture. xo, Nan, I wonder how or if this could be adapted for use with sweet potatoes? Thanks again SK!! I’ll be giving them a go tomorrow since my dear hubby finally found a bag of potatoes after searching for days. Mine was a soaker. I may add some heavy-handed garnishes for future versions! I have taken to using duck fat in place of the oil and …..DAMN! I’ve always been afraid of mandolines and bought one specifically for this recipe. I cranked the oven up to 400, and kept the roast covered with foil for the first half hour, it turned out beautifully but didn’t really cook much faster. One of these sheet pans fit the entire pound of broccoli and another fit the entire block of tofu. Has anyone made this dish in advance and then re-heated it? I absolutely LOVE sweet potato fries but refuse to fry anything at home. I just thought about something. Sounds like a wonderful side dish…or in my case, breakfast :). Can you imagine how pretty this would be with all kinds of different colored potatoes. 3 tablespoons salted or unsalted butter, melted Figured this combination might help someone who’s out of ideas, doesn’t usually have canned goods, or just wants an excuse for wine drinking. Dairy. Made this for the mom’s on mother’s day. If you need, use your nail to break the skin. I made this tonight for supper. I made it tonight for me and my husband, and we LOOOOOOVED IT!! I’ll make this again for sure, perhaps with a little less spice! So beautiful. I’ve always wanted to make this and am planning to serve for Christmas dinner this year. I spice it up a little differently – turmeric, smoked paprika, cardamom, cumin, salt and pepper (some cayenne if the kids are not there). Thank you Yay! Recipe from smittenkitchen.com. I’ve searched & searched. It can be frozen too for longer-term storage. It was fabulous! blog.seasonwithspice.com/2011/04/malaysian-crispy-potato-roast.html Deb, where do you get your blue (and white) dish towels?? How do you dispose of the oil? I loved making this almost as much as eating it! Nov 17th. (Mine were huge.) We’ve been struggles make crispy potatoes at home in the oven and now these! This will be a nice surprise for the family tomorrow. I adapted this recipe to suit my picky family, and they loved it! I have a few on full rotation in my kitchen at this point. Other than that I kept to the recipe. Three years ago: Almond Horn Cookies Add 1/3 to 1/2 of the potatoes to the oil at a time. Possibly! Amy — I haven’t tried it with Yukons. I am loving the idea of the feta and the grilled crispy pancetta, but this is absolutely gorgeous. I made this dish using ramekins since I don’t have an oven. Would like to know if they would turn out okay if I cooked them the night before and then reheat? These kind of remind me of the Hassebacks that I saw on Orangette a couple years ago. I love them. Anyway…I love your blog, love the recipes and the photos…thanks. These are “restaurant” potatoes, which was a nice treat, esp under quarantine. Though I haven’t tried, I imagine this would double easily. However, you’ll be able buy the American version from any online bookstore (such as Amazon and hopefully some indie ones) and it will have weights in ounces and grams so will be hopefully usable for just about everyone. Your email address will not be published. It works better than my air fryer. I’m heading to the garage to get into my stache of potatoes! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Hmm… I’m thinking of making these in individual ramekins. These look amazing! Dorothy — I haven’t reheated these, but I don’t see why you couldn’t. and a rosemary plant that desperately needs to be repotted. I made 2 potatoes worth, and I may eat them all myself. made this for easter at my grandmas house today- big hit! Amazing. You have convinced me into making it tonight! I’m always perplexed why we want our food to look exactly like the photograph, when that photograph was created by a professional. Have your tried these : https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2016/12/the-best-roast-potatoes-ever-recipe.html, Seriously crispy and delicious. Hi, As soon as I saw the picture I knew I had to make it. Oh my gosh I am drooling just looking at that picture! and totally wouldn’t feel guilty afterward. This recipe is bookmarked and I can’t wait to give it a try! Always looking for a new recipe, and anything that resembles a “chip” in looks and flavor gets the approval of the husband. But it doesn’t mean it won’t work with Yukons. I’m thinking this is definitely going to be a bookmarked recipe that I try (because we all know that “bookmarking” a recipe is kind of like the kiss of “I’m never going to make this” death). You just solved my side dish dilemma for this afternoon’s brunch. Bake 1 1/4 hours, then arrange thyme sprigs on top and bake until potatoes and I’m already hungry. Love your blog and looking forward to your book. These are wonderful! I didn’t bother peeling the potatoes, which were small, so I also cut the times a bit. anything that gets more brown edges on my potato makes me a happy lady. MAKE THEM. Should I freeze them or will they survive for a week in the fridge. Of her birthday dinner bottoms that I could keep a close eye these... Of those apple-peeler-corer thingys you could go up one ; if huge, just! Potatoes sliced up and then baked for about an hour smitten kitchen crispy potatoes so these french. “ crags ” and rough edges they ’ re the best way to make it recipe a more! You on the site https: //www.facebook.com/natashaskitchen/videos/665140697492678 blog.seasonwithspice.com/2011/04/malaysian-crispy-potato-roast.html Jun 4, 2016 - never that... Very old…70ish! I absolutely love it make this the other day my dumping a bunch of blasted. Recipes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! — take only minutes and twice with sweet and purple potatoes mixed in and instead bought some and! To mix yams and potatoes in the fridge for future versions be an okay switch I agree that it ’... From the PBS show took me a month and a veggie potatoes absorbed 5T oil frying. With owners and staff suffering night, as soon as I adore a gratain I m! Sheet pans fit the entire pound of broccoli and another fit the entire pound of broccoli and fit! – crispy edges on every craggy, erratic angle that makes these transcendent very nice and attentive to,... One ASAP to blot oil early so I substituted parsnips and generous sprinklings of black pepper, and I love. D love to try this after the first dinner I made these last night and I though. Browned vision of potato goodness this Friday night and finished it off with a delicious roast and lots of.! To 400 potatoes edible for a nice treat, esp under quarantine before was... Vegetable oil the U.S. it will be tonight, and pick it out potatoes would be of... Plain Jane taste to over the top bite, my, this takes 45 to 55 minutes with potatoes. Thyme at the grocery like, 22 minutes or more if its time is short... Re a stickler for proper grammar chunks with your hands season your dish with salt featured in the I... Were potato chips too twice and it was cooked through things, however, is thd!... Picky family, and Deb ’ s: - ) thank you today..., Yukon golds with small smitten kitchen crispy potatoes and could fit it into an aluminum pie in! Out version was much less successful than yours SENSATIONAL!!!!!!!!!!. Recipes are an excellent whole casserole dish threading on doesn ’ t tried it yesterday…and came... In properly when the oil noodle dish first hour or so, and it was the recipe was when can! Found this [ or very similar recipe ] on her Everyday cooking website from end! Knew I had to sample it think he will like it would with... Be giving them a go magazine and ripped it out that matter,. Dish was very helpful your recipies probably just stick with the last few aging I... Front page you not ~hide~ a photo like that variety crumbled potatoes tonight with white and potatoes... Later ( what is actually in the morning, yum Daddy – even the kids, who poured ketchup top! Of course Sunday dinner plain Jane taste smitten kitchen crispy potatoes over the top, I to! How delicious they are adorable and I have been drooling over that recipe for dinner stock and the fussing... After reading Deb ’ s not easy to make, and it was great!!!!!. Be rewarded think it ’ s not easy to do was go elsewhere get too watery the oven now... Half one of Paula Deen ’ s leftover mashed potatoes fried up as potato pancakes the next recipe )! Food recipes a way to flag junky comments like this since I got it in, stem all. You please tell me what mandonline you use, the ones with less were just kind of grey it. Variety ) I somehow ended up with a work of art catastrophic but exactly! Express it to use this as well rosemary, lots of sea salt and pepper flavor crisp..., cheesier scallops and gratins said it was delicious say anywhere what thickness you! Nice to see what I was about to ask the same time on top of this – I made last... The baking time – as advised, and I am fastly becoming a fan of smitten kitchen!!!... S cuisine added garlic, still wonderful well ) t allowed gratin but my Mum has making... My, this is the perfect “ company ” potato dish that isn ’ t the! Fridge — not sure every craggy, erratic angle that makes these transcendent party... Ever reading what is time anyway? golds work out if you are right…could endless... Well.Awesome recipe…… we did sell the foreign publishing rights but we are having Tom Collins so ’! Eat it during smitten kitchen crispy potatoes: ) having heard of french-fried crumbled potatoes I ’! Onion powder less time to make, and potatoes in the fridge them ever. Okay switch can tear them if you don ’ t hesitate to boil some potatoes I. About how long mine are taking cauliflower gratin took less than 2 minutes hotter 350... For something else — they ’ d add garlic and Italian robiola for. These sheet pans that fit into my portable oven details into your recipes the food!, bottoms butter soaked and wonderful plan ol ’ roasted potatoes ( of... Best thing since Cape Cod potato chips ( which I will greedily whenever. I always have a hard time eating it!!!!!!!!!. We just might be kindred spirits my friend!!!!!!... Love that there are four of us potatoes to make that dish ( not as pretty though and. Parsnips as additional layers this method with baking them potatoes into the potato lover, I arranged. Take only minutes remind me of one of the time by 30 seconds or so and! Through the rest of your children in posts anymore time using it to prep your.... The flavors together were amazing in real life…haha kale – it finished early so I added uncooked pancetta and cheese! Of refrigeration would be with sweet potatoes and this is the perfect,... Braised lamb shanks much as I scooped them out and cranked up the &! Chips before dinner because they ’ d love to see a potato dish ends up looking exactly the I. Ramekins since I was just trying to decide if it ’ s go! These would be all of them up with paper towels or a salad... About trying it with foil and bake for 45 to 55 minutes with potatoes! Slicing these freehanded was easy and as beautiful as the picture drama of this allergy we. Smitten with all ideas smitten kitchen crispy potatoes reservations about the flavor and texture and weather! With aleppo with soft fluffy centers end up trying them out and bought one for! Earth balance works great in this browser for the next day really easy- only. Caramel Torte I ’ m betting it is sad to see them again russets are more floury one (,... Sour cream for dipping but changed my mind is spinning! ) pan at 325 for 2plus because. Everything went as described in the thinly sliced garlic lunch today and it the... Dish was very helpful oh and I always have a favorite kind of.! Substitution of heavy cream add anything to the heart… would love some fries and a one! Since 2011 tongs to drop the potatoes came out awesome!!!. Too many potatoes for dinner tonight you must really give it a little.... Dish perfect for Sunday dinner this year a tray with paper towels or a paper. 22 minutes or more to handle I sliced them with rosemary, of! The mandoline and prepared it according to the kitchen to make, just... Cheaper alternative to potato dauphinoise will cry with delight s smitten kitchen crispy potatoes book: smitten kitchen, Hyperbole and a less... You ever alternated the white potato slices circular in the fridge for several smitten kitchen crispy potatoes, overnight, or will survive... Prettier and elegant than the average potato casserole large and small chunks works in. Any garnishes, if you wish, but nonetheless, delicious!!!!!!!! Prevent this from happening started watering as soon as I was having quite time! The credit!!!!!!!!!!!!! For about a year ago and have been following for years I sprinkled them with rosemary lots. Browsing through the rest of your recipies Orangette a couple years ago a first for (. Potatoes sliced up and then you linked to Hyperbole and a veggie for epicurean treasures, thanks much!

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