Making the Most of a Bad Monday Night Game

So you’re less-than-enthused about that Broncos-Chargers matchup on Monday Night Football? You, me, and the executives at ESPN (not to mention the Chargers’ and Broncos’ shell-shocked fanbases) are all in the same boat. So why not make it a... Read More »

10 Minutes with Marshall Faulk

Once upon a time, Marshall Faulk nearly scarred me so badly I never played fantasy football again.  The year was 2000, and he made the mistake of giving points for receptions. 400+ points later, the guy with Faulk was... Read More »

BFL 2010 Week 7 Recap: Halloween Preview Edition

Each week, one of the participants in the 2010 Blogger Fantasy League is responsible for a recap. Week 7 is my turn as the deep man responsible for bringing it back. In case you hadn’t noticed from the massive... Read More »

BFL2010: Thankfully One Team Febreze Is Getting It Done

The Febreze Freshness pulled off the upset of Week 2*, while my fresh counterpart Diana’s Fresh 2 Death squad put together the worst tally of the week.  She sat down to discuss her chances of a turnaround in week 3 with her... Read More »

Kicking Off the BFL 2010

As some of you may have heard, I was invited to represent Blogs with Balls as one of the twelve participants in the Blogger Fantasy League 2010. As the official language says more comprehensively than I could: The BFL,... Read More »