Lang, Shoals & Company Looking to Kickstart The Classical

BWB mainstays Bethlehem Shoals and Lang Whitaker are looking to fund a new daily online read with some of the most talented writers out there. And we think you should do your part. Click here to help. The Classical... Read More »

FreeDarko Says Goodbye

From Shoals: Shoals here. This is the final FreeDarko post. The store will be open through the playoffs; then it too will close. My Twitter and Tumblr will go on, and I’ll be blogging about the playoffs on Read More »

Say it ain’t So, Darko.

We have such a tremendous amount of respect for the collective work of the crew at FreeDarko.  When we first conceptualized our wishlist of panelists for the first BwB, a top-priority was finding a way to convince Bethlehem Shoals/Nathaniel... Read More »

Shoals Joins Levy On the DL

Bethlehem Shoals (nee:  Nathaniel Friedman) joins Dan Levy today on the On the DL podcast. Dan brings Shoals on talk about FreeDarko’s new book, and a ton of other things, mostly sports: We talk about the book, its promotion,... Read More »

Shoals and Bomani on Left of Black

Mark Anthony Neal talks with Free Darko creator Nathaniel Freidman and radio host Bomani Jones. Side note:  Love this video-cast-set-up by Neal. Read More »

Join BwB in Celebrating the Release of’s “Undisputed…”

Please join us after you attend the crew’s panel discussion the same evening: Tuesday, November 30, 2010 The Strand Bookstore 828 Broadway (at 12th St.), New York, NY 7:00PM – 8:00PM Meet the gang! A panel discussion featuring Bethlehem... Read More »