#BwB3 Recaps Round 1

Why Blogs With Balls 3 Was the Best Conference I’ve Ever Attended (Flagged for Follow Up) This past Saturday I attended and spoke at a fantastic sports media conference called Blogs With Balls 3. Massive kudos to Kyle Bunch... Read More »

BwB 2.0 Recaps, Round 6

what happens in vegas… always ends up in a blog (The Fast & the Fabulous) Blogs With Balls did an awesome job with the sports blogging track and I cannot wait to go back next year. To me being... Read More »

BwB 2.0 Recaps, Round 5

Recap: Blogs With Balls 2.0 In Las Vegas ( We should be confident enough in our own individual projects to be willing to talk about what works best, what doesn’t work and what the next iterations of sports media... Read More »

BwB 2.0 Recaps, Round 4

State of the Union: A Blogs with Balls Recap (The Sporting Blog) At one point I surveyed the room and saw writers and editors from many of the biggest blogs/online outlets in the country, some aforementioned and others including... Read More »

BwB 2.0 Recaps, Round 3

Quick review of BWB 2.0 Las Vegas, FFF checks out Lagasse’s Stadium (Black and Gold Tchotchkes) I have to admit, I was impressed with the majority of the discussions both in and around the conference, not only about sports... Read More »

BwB 2.0 Recaps, Round 2

Blogs With Balls was Balls-Tastic (With Leather) I was treated to solid discussion and insight from a terrific blend of media people, from bloggers to journalists to a variety of other professional people that use media in any conceivable... Read More »

BwB 2.0 Recaps, Round 1

Puck Daddy in Vegas: 21 observations about hockey, gambling, new media journalism and Blogs With Balls 2.0 (Yahoo! Sports’ Puck Daddy) “My Blogs With Balls panel dealt with blogger access to sports, and it was a pleasure to debate... Read More »

BwB 1.0 Recaps, Round 7

Blogs with Balls Review  (Sweet Caroline/ Sporting News Blog) I learned more at Blogs with Balls than I’ve ever learned in a classroom. Blogs with Balls Recap / The Longest Post Ever (The Blue Workhorse) And that was my... Read More »

BwB 1.0 Recaps, Round 6

A few more tesitmonials and recaps… Blogs With Balls: The Three Os And My New Peeps  (Fansided) Even though we all seem to realize some of the immediate impact this event had on the blogosphere, we will likely never... Read More »

BwB 1.0 Recaps, Round 5

Blogs With Balls Video- Neil Best, Newsday (Sports Media Journal) It’s apparent that Neil understands the evolving trends in technology and sports reporting and has done his best to adapt to them. If I Hear the Word Twitter One... Read More »

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