Blogs With Balls Radio, Episode 27 (We’re Back)

This week’s Blogs With Balls Show on the JoeSportsFan Radio Network is now available. Download Episode 27 here, or subscribe via iTunes. Hot damn! It’s been a while! Not since Amy K. Nelson told us how lame we were... Read More »

Brockett Blog: Talking podcasting at Blogs With Balls 3

Hank Brockett at The Brockett Blog gave a great recap on the  The Kings of All Media: Leveraging Podcasting and Video to Build a Media Megabrand Panel at Blogs with Balls 3 that featured Skeets and producer Matt Osteen from The... Read More »

Bleacher Report’s New CEO Welcomed by WSJ’s All Things D

Hat tip to Ben Koo for calling out a piece of news that admittedly flew under my radar earlier this week: #BWB3 sponsor Bleacher Report has officially named Brian Grey, formerly of Yahoo and Fox Sports, as their new... Read More »

Alana G Follows Up on #BwB3 Ethics Panel with Dan Levy

Alana G joins Dan on OnTheDL to clarify some of her much talked about positions from the event in Chicago. Listen to the episode here. Read More »

PHOTOS: #BWB3: The Main Event (Sponsored by P&G and its Official Locker Room Products of the NFL)

Enough time has passed. The Stanley Cup celebration that followed on the heels of Blogs with Balls 3 in Chicago provided a viable excuse for the hometown crowd, the rest of us really need to stop using the events... Read More »

PHOTOS: Bleacher Report presents The #BWB3 Kickoff Party

It’s been long enough — time to return to the scene of the crime for a look at Friday night’s festivities at The Fifty/50. Bleacher Report graciously presented the Blogs with Balls 3 Kickoff Party, featuring free-flowing Guinness and... Read More »

Video Recapping #BWB3

We’re in the process of editing the livestream videos over at into their specific panels, and we’ll be archiving those here at for the ages. While we’re piecing that together, feel free to head over to Read More »

Thank You from Team BWB

To everyone who came out this past weekend to #BWB3 — Hopefully you’ve heard it from at least one of us already, but just in case — thank you. No offense to Blogs with Balls 1 and 2, but... Read More »

Checking In at Blogs with Balls 3

Coming out to Blogs with Balls 3 this weekend? Make sure you check in to all three events — the Kickoff Party tonight at The Fifty/50, the Main Event tomorrow at Wrigley, and the Post-Game Show at the Mystic... Read More »

Bunch talks BWB3 on WGN’s ChicagoNow Radio

Those of you outside of the Chicago area may have missed Blogs with Balls’ own Kyle Bunch appearing with Alex Quigley and Amy Guth on this past weekend’s edition of ChicagoNow Radio on WGN 720 AM. Fortunately for all... Read More »

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