Julia Roy Bio

Julia Roy is host of the twitter news show – Tweet Week & is Senior Agent of Social Life™ at Undercurrent, a digital thinktank in Soho.

Julia was born in Schenectady, NY and raised in Erie, PA. She went to Simmons College in Boston Massachusetts, studying International Relations, Public Policy, and Political Science.

She was given an opportunity at Cone, Inc. to work on a fund-raising campaign Making Change for Katrina. Noticing that there were lots of other blogs out there created to spread awareness and raise money for New Orleans, she thought that doing the same for Making Change for Katrina would help our initiative grow and connect. After only two weeks, the blog came up higher on a search engine query for “Making Change for Katrina” than the actual website did. She wondered why this little blog is considered by Google to have more “authority” than the website.  How could that be?

She spent the next 6 months joining every social network she could and reading and engaging with blogs and other social communities. Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Clipmarks, Delicious, Second Life, etc. She wanted to figure out how people engage in these sites and how companies and brands could participate and add to these communities.

Next, she was given the chance to meet with Joan Schneider, President of Schneider Associates, a well-known PR agency in Boston. After meeting with Joan and touting all the possibilities available in the social media space to advance her PR offerings, she was offered a position as Social Media Coordinator.

Undercurrent scooped her up in late 2007 and shorty after launched their office in New York City.

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