Dan Levy Bio

Dan Levy is the creator of 609design, a media and design firm in New Jersey. If you’ve seen the giant red R or Rutgers Football billboards plastered across the state somewhere, you’ve seen his work. Levy is also responsible for the Why Can’t Us movement that raised $12,000 for ALS during the Phillies’ run to the 2008 World Series.

No longer traversing the NJ Turnpike for two plus hours a day, Levy was able to concentrate more on his true passion: designing t-shirts and yelling at his computer. But he quickly learned that when someone else is talking through the other end of the computer, and you record it, it’s decidedly less crazy. It’s actually pretty entertaining.

On the DL is a show that focuses on sports, media, politics and whatever falls under the collective umbrella we call pop culture. It’s rooted in sports, but we understand that sports fans can also like other things. And can be smart.

We interview everyone from sports bloggers to national TV pundits to heads of state to…Chuck Norris. We hope there’s something entertaining and informative in every show. And if you don’t like it, hell, we know Chuck Norris.

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