Andy Ellwood Bio

Born with the gift of gab, raised with an overdeveloped self esteem, Andy Ellwood consistently finds himself on the road less traveled. With his outside the box background, training, and top-notch global network, Andy works hard to connect Good People with Great Opportunities. Andy Ellwood has been privileged to work with high caliber individuals throughout his career and most recently has brought his broad skill set and unbridled determination to Gowalla as Director of Business Development.

Gowalla is a social service that gives people around the world a new way to express themselves and communicate about the everyday places and the extraordinary settings they enjoy with family and friends. Gowalla creates an easy way for people to record and share their spot in the world, and to build new relationships around common interests.

For businesses, campaigns and organizations, Gowalla offers a unique opportunity to reward loyal customers, reach new customers, constituents or fans, to promote important causes, and drive attendance to fun events. From mid-March 2010 – mid-April 2010 Gowalla saw a 65 percent increase in usage, the company now has over 250,000 passport holders on it’s service and more than 1,000,000 individual spots indexed, worldwide.

A native of Dallas, TX, Andy attended Texas A&M University and received his degree in Corporate Finance. He lives in New York and thrives on the city that doesn’t sleep. He doesn’t slow down much, but when he does he enjoys mastering social media, black coffee, filling his passport, doting on his girlfriend Annie, and blogging at

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