Adam Best Bio

Adam Best is a sportswriter and the co-founder and senior editor of the sports network. His work can currently be found on Arrowhead Addict and FOX Sports. When the revamped launches (very soon!), Best will serve as its lead columnist.

Following Best’s selection as a finalist for FOX Sports Next Great Sportswriter II contest back in 2006 (under the pseudonym “absolutebest”), Best was looking for ways to further his sportswriting career. That is when he teamed up with his brother Zach, a web designer, and launched Arrowhead Addict, a Kansas City Chiefs blog. In addition to wanting to further their own careers, the Best Bros. had always wanted a Chiefs soapbox of their own. You know, somewhere where they could rant and rave to the masses about all things Red and Gold. Little did they know, that soapbox would blow up almost overnight. That is when they made the decision to branch out and give die-hard fans of each and every professional team a soapbox to call their own. The network was born.

The network is a pro sports blog and news network that will eventually cover every sport and team, along with providing general sports content on its main site. The network is currently comprised of 50 sites and counting, and is read by millions of sports fans every year. network content appears on Google News, an opportunity typically reserved for only the mainstream media. also has an ongoing partnership with FOX Sports, which currently involves NFL content, but will soon expand to MLB and NBA content as well. Best oversees all of the editorial and marketing duties of the network.

Best graduated from Full Sail University’s school of film. He is a produced playwright, who received an illustrious Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival nomination while studying playwriting at the University of Missouri. He has also worked professionally as a screenwriter, commercially as an actor, and has written and directed several short films (his latest being Ember Like December). Best briefly played linebacker and safety at Emporia State University. Yes, that school Leon Lett went to.

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