A.J. Daulerio

When he took the reins of the number one sports blog in the world, AJ implemented a vision of sports blogging/reporting that is redefining what it means to be a sportswriter. AJ is bringing a new focus on original reporting and breaking news – the blantant turf of ESPN, SI.com, and major daily newspapers – and doing it with huge success. From Brett Favre’s recent text messages to developing a dedicated community that supports the site, AJ has taken Deadspin from “biggest sports blog” to “must read sports” by sports fans and media alike. AJ has demonstrated over and over that he is not out to win a popularity contest. Deadspin represents a genuine community that is co-created by the community. AJ has written for all kinds of media (prior to joining Deadspin full-time, he was a staff writer for Philadelphia Magazine. He’s also written for Maxim, Penthouse, Salon.com, Vice Magazine, The Huffington Post, and The New York Times).

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