Thank you for your interest in the BWB4 inaugural #USMAP awards. The nomination period is now closed. Over the next few days, the nomination committee will be reviewing submissions and releasing finalists for each category for voting. Stay tuned!


BwB Presents: The First Annual Untitled Sports Media Awards Project

There are literally hundreds of different awards shows in entertainment, media and sports, but none of them have acknowledged a growing list of great internet sports writers who certainly deserve the recognition.

So we thought we’d create one.

We’re not just limiting this awards show to bloggers, either. We’ve always tried to gray the line between mainstream and independent media, so it certainly made sense for us to include bloggers, mainstream media, radio and TV in one amazing event.

The winners will ultimately be determined the fans, meaning that each award is backed by what the public really thinks. Who is the best sportswriter in the country? Who is the best in-game analyst? Who is the biggest rising star in our industry?

You help decide.

Feel free to nominate someone in every category, or just the categories you care about most. Nominations will be kept anonymous, so suggest as many people as you want — even (especially) yourself.

Once the nomination process is complete, we will announce the five finalists for each of the awards below. Voting will be open to the public, and the winners will be announced at our event on September 24th, live in New York City.

And the nominees are…

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