Blogs with Balls 1.0: Schedule



1st HALF

The Future of Sports Media

[SUBMIT / VOTE ON QUESTIONS FOR THIS PANEL] iPhones, Facebook, Twitter — they’re just the tip of the iceberg. Join a team of media and sports thought leaders in a discussion of what emerging technology will mean to the sports blogger and fan over the next couple years and beyond.

Confirm or Ignore: Leveraging Social Media

[SUBMIT / VOTE ON QUESTIONS FOR THIS PANEL] Social media has had a profound effect on all media, sports being no exception. In this session, we’ll explore ways that social and creative media tools are being used to connect with audiences like yours.

Hi Mom! Claiming That Earned Media

[SUBMIT / VOTE ON QUESTIONS FOR THIS PANEL] A link from the right source can be the star-making turn that propels a brand into the stratosphere. Gain a better understanding of what it takes to earn media coverage of your site, blog, or campaign using actual examples from speakers’ experience. And hear the cautionary tales of what can happen when things go wrong.

2nd HALF

Making it Big: The Secret of My Success

[SUBMIT / VOTE ON QUESTIONS FOR THIS PANEL] Everybody wants to go “viral” and be the next internet sensation. But shocking as it may be, it’s not always as simple as hitting submit and sitting back watching the hits roll in. Participate in a discussion of what it takes to appeal to large influencers, with real life examples, and tips on how to take it to the written page.

Power in Numbers: Content Networks

[SUBMIT / VOTE ON QUESTIONS FOR THIS PANEL] In the beginning, there was blog. Almost immediately thereafter came content networks. Now, nearly decade later, we bring together leaders in content networking, community building and creating other distribution partnerships to discuss what a network or community offers for publishers, advertisers, and consumers of sports media today.

Make the Leap, Make it Your Job

[SUBMIT / VOTE ON QUESTIONS FOR THIS PANEL] Almost everybody dreams of getting that call — joining the big leagues of writers who get paid to blog full-time. Hear first-hand from bloggers who have made sports blogging their job and how they did it, or would do it again.

Show Me the Money

[SUBMIT / VOTE ON QUESTIONS FOR THIS PANEL] You put in enough hours to call it a full-time job — isn’t it time you got the pay to match? Get the strategies and suggestions to create a financial return on your intellectual investment. Hear directly from advertisers what they look for/avoid when it comes to placing their ads on sportsblogs.

Why We Hate You: The Media’s Take

[SUBMIT / VOTE ON QUESTIONS FOR THIS PANEL] Thanks to the likes of Buzz Bissinger and a host of other mainstream media journalists, the conflict between traditional media and bloggers is well-documented. Get the unvarnished truth about working with (or for!) established mainstream media from the media themselves.

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