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fear of sharks

Galeophobia is the fear specifically of sharks. I don’t think the movie is what messed me up because I still like watching Shark Week and old Cousteau… I think sharks are magnificent and noble. Then my fear continued to explore. I know that most people will say that to get a phobia like Selachophobia you need to have been in a shark attack or something traumatic like that but I don’t think that is true at all! The fear of sharks, called Galeophobia or Selachophobia, is a serious problem for some people. Most of all, we're afraid of losing control. Small consolation to the person with the chunk missing from their body. Well I’m a girl. When I was about 6 or 7, we went to Universal Orlando and rode the Jaws ride. You're more likely to be crushed to death under a falling vending machine in your office, or a cow that collapses on you in a field than you are to die in the jaws of a shark. I can’t help but shake this feeling that I am destined to be eaten by a shark, could you think of a worse death? A fear of sharks is a common issue for people who want to swim in oceans. I feel the exact same way, I mean, it’s terrifying just to wash my face in the shower. Flashes within a microsecond. A huge shark swam by and I proceed to freak out and cry so hysterically we had to leave. A year later while diving and snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef I was free of fear and actively looking for sharks and other sea creatures on our dives. Mine stems from shark attacks that have occurred locally. I have this phobia, and I know why. On my dads boat I would dive off the side hundreds of yards from shore. I hate sharks. Being eaten alive by a 15-foot-long tiger shark seems like a painful way to suffer through death, and we dread the possibility that a shark attack could be the thing that kills us. I’ll close by saying that there is a new movie coming out about great whites and these girls going cage diving and the cage sinking to the bottom and they have to swim up to get to the boat but can they make it out alive?! This includes aquariums, theme parks like Sea World, beaches, rivers and zoos etc. (Note that the fear of sharks is also called Selachophobia.). Sharks gave me the worst nightmares when I was little, and they still do! "Fear is something that we've inherited from our early ancestors," Chapman says. I have been terrified of sharks since I was five! But figured if I can face my fear of sharks, he can face his fear of marrying me (again)!! Even now just swimming in a pool or something I can’t help but think that a shark is going to come and take a big chomp out of me. Well I have the same thing I can’t close my eye without thinking there is a shark in front of me but know I am getting cured all you should do is start of with baby steps just look at pictures of sharks then slowly go to videos then go to an aquarium and that fear of sharks will be gone! Maybe there is something wrong with my head, but I have always had a fascination with these big fishes. Jacob that is a great idea! Especially great whites and basking sharks. 8 respuestas. I quit breathing in my sleep and woke up gasping for air. I do have a mild fear that a shark will appear below me when I am standing up in the shower, though. The great news, is that we can get over all of this stuff that’s in our head because that’s all it is. I love sharks, love seeing them at the aquarium, and watching documentaries about them. The same thing happened to me! The four fish were juveniles, but adults can grow to be the size of a school bus. I have the same problem and I don’t know how to fix it, the biggest fear is the great white shark. If you do get attacked you have almost no chance of defending yourself it’s like being trapped in a cage with a lion you literally can’t do anything but fight for your life and that terrifies me. i was 5 then. I can swim in freshwater because I’m able to think rationally, but going out too deep by myself I do get uncomfortable about what could be below me. Actually, it wasn’t the movie, but it was the picture on the cover of the book. You're more likely to die by a dog attack, lightning strike, or car crash. Sure, great whites are scary, I’d have a panic attack if I saw one, but my main fear is the megalodon. The physical appearance of sharks is often deemed as scary. I can understand the ocean. Sufferers of this phobia are extremely afraid of going near oceans, lakes, rivers, on ships and boats or even visiting aquariums or zoos despite the fact that sharks are safely restricted behind sturdy glass windows. Jaws is one of my all time favorite movies and always will be. I automatically get anxious whenever I heard someone says “shark” That’s kinda weird because even when I am in the bathroom and I imagine a huge shark (even cartoon), I get very nervous and dont want to close my eyes each time I take a bath. People say there are no sharks in this area but the way I look at it is all the seas oceans are connected, if a shark wants to swim from America to Greece it can do it, there is nothing in its way. When a person fears sharks, they will shun waters where sharks swim, and they will be terrified by media reports of shark attacks. "fearofsharks@gmail.com" Support your local music scene! Bull sharks tend to hang out in the same areas that humans use. I feel like I’ve always had it, I just didn’t realize it until a certain point in time. Chapman says that yes, the number of shark attacks per year is increasing, but this isn't in line with the skyrocketing human population. I still recall one particular dream vividly to this day. Fear is not necessarily something we're born with, but it's something we have developed over time. However, it is also a fear that is largely unfounded. Any pics or movies of open ocean or Great White Sharks make me freak out. It’s just so annoying. I have also stayed away from the deep end of swimming pools ever since. I couldn’t understand it. When I was young my dad took me to the aquarium for the first time and put me up on the ledge right in front of the glass. Showers and baths are ok, but if i go swimming , especially at night and in the deep end of the pool, I have a full on panic attack and have to get out of the water or more often then not dragged to she shallow end. I am not scared of sharks anymore, but I was when I was 7 when one swam between my legs at the beach. I’m only afraid of great whites. © 1996-2015 National Geographic Society, © 2015- I can’t go in the deep end of pools for fear that something is below my legs. I suffered nightmares for years about drowning or being eaten alive by a great white shark. it brought tears to my eyes. I hate sharks, like so much. I love to swim though, and I’m on a swim team. I remember having a very vivid and terrifying dream I’m 49 now and I still clearly remember it, I was standing powerless on the beach while all my loved ones were in the water facing me while sharks bit their necks. I truly wonder how many children from the 70’s have been affected by the movie Jaws. I get frequent panic attacks when seeing or talking about sharks. Fear of Sharks Phobia – Galeophobia or Selachophobia. I was too young, and couldn’t understand how anyone could sit and watch this ‘horror’ movie. Simply put, the predatory fish are scary. In the ’80s here in the UK, Jaws was on TV almost every weekend. I knew I won’t be the only one to be having this phobia but reading about shower is just unbelievable. Perhaps hypnotherapy is worth a go… As long as I remember knowing about sharks I’ve hated them. The thought of a great white with big teeth chasing behind me with its mouth wide open sends chills down my spine. Many refuse to swim in oceans or even in public swimming pools despite the fact that these are not remotely connected to sharks. I hate sharks, I am pretty sure that I have selachophobia. I think I would pass out if did that. I watch shark movies so to get over my fear. When my mom and dad tells me to shower the first thing that comes to my mind when the water starts is sharks and their pointy teeth. I will pray for you, I feel the same. I was fine with the other sea life, really liked the jellyfish, but when I saw that shark something snapped. You may have come up with an idea that would help everyone on this page! The benefits of having sharks around far outweigh the negatives. 354 likes. He was sorry about it. Anyway, I admire sharks, but I am scared to death of encountering one face to face. I refuse to get in the ocean. Cancer and heart disease are also way more likely to kill you. In April of this year, 2 great white sharks were located down the coast of VA, NC, all the way down to Fl. I am fascinated by sharks, however. Sharks have a scary face with cold dark eyes, they act unpredictable and they have the upper hand in a vast deep ocean. I can visit aquariums, but I get really nervous and can only feel comfortable if I go with other people, same thing for pictures of sharks, for some reason I can’t look at them and want to cry if I see them when I’m alone, but around other people I guess I feel more safe or confident. I hate it because everytime I swim I feel so anxious and nervous, because I have the feeling something is under me. The word Galeophobia is coined from the Greek word “Galeos” which stands for small sharks or dogfish (in particular, sharks having markings like those of a weasel) and “Phobos” which means deep dread or fear. If I do I end up having a full scale panic attack, falling down and knocking every thing else down as I fall. I’m 57. (Read: "These Sharks Once Ruled the Seas. The minute I close them I start getting images of a shark attacking me. I did watch Jaws as a kid but that’s not what got me scared of sharks. Actually typing it just makes me realise how weird it sounds. Their fins (which are seen protruding out of the water in movies) are viewed as ‘ominous’. They would have avoided tall cliffs and wild animals because they knew those threats could potentially kill them, and that's what kept them alive. I don’t really know when I developed my fear of sharks. It drives me insane. Sometimes in the bathtub I’d get scared. My fear of sharks started when I was about 6 or 7 years old. Also, there have been many interactions between sharks and humans that have not ended with bites or attacks. I have gotten better at containing to other people but when I was in middle school it was so bad that my classmates would purposely show me pictures and videos of sharks just to see me jump out of my seat and yell. Like how animals know… I would love to drown before it bites me or even charges towards me…. Being at aquariums, I freaked out when I saw an open fish tank that had a medium sized shark in it. I’ve also researched therapy practices in Australia where this phobia is said to be extremely common because of the frequency of attacks. I really want to get rid of this fear too, but even seeing an innocent picture of a shark just swimming is so overwhelming. HOWEVER, in the 29th February 2016 (this year) I shall be getting into a tank of sharks so I can propose to my partner of 23years! If I knew it was coming on, I would be a complete wreck all week. How can I overcome my fear and feel safe while swimming? I don’t want this phobia to stay with me forever. Sometimes I even whimper out loud at the thought of it. "[Sharks] are an animal. Spring Break is almost upon us. Wow, I’m the same as you guys! It is a parable in a meme (to mix narrative metaphors): our infantile fear for our infants becomes the innocent animal’s death. I don’t do ships or boats, and I’m a nervous wreck when I know we’re flying over water. It was definitely *reading* JAWS and a few other books, way too young (involving ship wrecks, lost scuba divers, lost at sea, the Aames Home Loan raft/shark commerical, along with a children’s storybook I had which had illustrations showing dark packs of swarming hammerheads swimming as silhouettes in deep green water, perpetually menacing the psyche and physical well being of the human protagonists. This dream was vivid. In the unlikely event that you are attacked by a shark, experts say it's best to fight back. They’d all laugh as I ran off screaming and heaving. At the beach i dont go farther than a few feet. But it's more than likely they would spit you back out. I have been galeophobic for as long as I can remember. when you decide to face your fear there are places where you can dive with small sharks and you can even touch them sometimes. I am irrationally convinced that somehow, someway life will conspire some sequence of events to make this happen. It is almost always a case of mistaken identity. However, I just came across, of all things, an animated gif of two great white sharks circling above an abstract beach scene and believe I may have just taken the first step towards getting over my own galeophobia as a result. My mom had it on our end table and I remember seeing the picture and it scaring me. It really makes me feel like a buzz kill when I don’t swim out deep with my friends. Sharks still seem pretty scary. Nuh uh, No way, no how. Fear Of Sharks. And then came the final fear, completely realized, it was a shark. I used to love the water and I still do, I’m a passionate swimmer but for the past year I’ve just been terrified and it’s given me really bad anxiety. I think it’s the connection to water. I never let my feet hang off my bed out of fear a shark could somehow grab me and pull me down. Even when the word ‘shark’ is said when I’m in or near water it makes me scream. I felt like a giant shark was going to jump up out of the darkness beside my bed and grab a hold of me, dragging me to the bottom of the ocean where all the other sharks would feast on me. I know how you feel! While a majority of the viewers tend to forget this fear of sharks; a Galeophobic individual continues to experience it persistently and irrationally. I get so afraid of taking showers that to the point that I wouldn’t so I wouldn’t go to school the next day because I haven’t showered in those past days. It helped me reach a comfortable medium when it comes to my anxiety. My fear is highly irrational, but so bad I can barely shower. These Sharks Once Ruled the Seas. my husband carried me out until the water was at his chin, and he’s very tall. I didn’t want to go, but we were heading there anyway. Dunno why, I hate swimming now, and sometimes I think that miniature sharks will come in my bath tub and eat me alive or something. Once, I was on vacation with part of my dad’s side of the family, and we were supposed to take a small boat that holds your cars and stuff on it to a small village thing. Would love to hear your response (if you have any)…. We're going to need a bigger boat: Take a look at the design history of Jaws and its iconic cover https://t.co/dRdRPILF7L pic.twitter.com/FO3ihh1XlG. This phobia, unlike many others, is based in some logic due to the fact that sharks are very dangerous creatures. That huge shark you’re thinking about in a cartoon is called Bruce and he’s from Finding Nemo, though I’m pretty sure he’s not in Finding Dory. they are just like any other animal, as vastly misunderstood as any predator. (Sharks commonly go after seals, and from below, a surfboard can look like a seal.) What are the chances they could kill me? This beach is about an hour or so away from me. At 7.15pm on what felt like every Saturday. I am afraid of some apex predators so I studied them and that helps me, however for others it may increase their fears. My heart rate is so fast, I get terrified when I’m in the shower and I imagine some sharks coming through the bathtub or in the swimming pool. OK, but what can I do to fight my fear of sharks? When I was six years old I saw ‘Jaws’ and I can remember it like it was yesterday. I laughed it off at the time but something about that statement makes me feel really uneasy. But of … The answer if to uncover the deep-down source and replace those negative connections with positive ones. If someone is in the pool with me I’m okay until sunset when a big dark shadow goes over the deep end, then I am extremely fearful. I feel better knowing I’m not alone, these comments from all of you are comforting. I can’t even go swimming at the pool. Now They're Nearly Gone."). I’m 12 and my fear only started a year ago. I’ve always had a fear of sharks, it’s that bad if I go to the swimming baths I think sharks will come out of the vents and attack me, it’s really bad. I’ve been afraid of sharks and the ocean for a long time. I was swimming in open water. Now I am 21 and ashamed that the fear is still in me. Athazagoraphobia – The fear of being forgotten or not remembering things. Sharks test things by mouthing them—if it happens to be a human, the panic, fear, and survival reactions amplify hectic electromagnetic waves that a shark can feel. I really would love to get clear of this phobia, if someone granted me one wish it would be to clear myself of this thing. Whale sharks are an endangered species and one of the largest fish on Earth. I’m only very young so I haven’t had many holidays where I needed to go in the water but I had a panic attack in the ocean because I thought I saw a shark and ever since then I’ve not been able to sleep properly and I can’t go into a pool without freaking out and swimming back to the ladder. As soon as we parked, there was water rising up with yellow bubbles in it and we all drowned. So I am always fearful even in pools that something is gonna come from the depths and break through the bottom of the pool to get me. I am exactly the same. I just show respect and keep a close eye on them. Needless to say, it was a disaster and I got really nervous about going in. Everything about them freaks me out and I always feel like they’re lurking. And I always look behind me and above me in the shower, do you have any advice for me? it may be impossible for everyone to meet in person but maybe everyone could join on a video chat and support one another. They can also sense tiny electromagnetic fields put out into water by other animals, which helps them scope out their next meal. maybe you can start watching inspirational videos with good experiences people have with sharks. i can not go in the ocean, pools, sometimes bath tubs, and worst, the shower. So they are more likely to encounter humans than other species. I always got that nervous feeling when I did but i really can’t pinpoint what happened to make me so afraid. I’d stay in my room all day on the day of, and be in and out of sleep until the movie would start and bid my goodnight, waking at around 1 or 2am happy it was all over for now. There are more than 465 known species of sharks, and they can range in size from the 7-inch spined pygmy shark to the 50-foot-long whale shark. It was a toy so I actually wasn’t afraid of it. Despite the unlikelihood of shark attacks, America’s fear persists. Shark Week is absolute hell for me. WATCH: A great white shark turns underwater videographer when it grabs a research camera rig in the Southwest Pacific. well i have a horrible fear of sharks. A fear of sharks, or galeophobia, is not irrational, says marine biologist Blake Chapman, a shark expert at the University of Queensland in Australia. I thought that seeing the shark again in the aquarium (with my friends) would cure me, but even though that encounter went well I still can’t look at pictures of sharks without a deep feeling of fear and having to look away and cover my eyes immediately, even the picture in this article (why would they put that here?) I can’t get in a swimming pool without checking around it several times and I can’t go swimming in the sea, I have tried but I turn into an obilisk and freak others out! Studies have shown that shark populations can have an effect on sea grass composition and the presence of other animals in a habitat. I grew up 50 yards from the water in Auckland, we swam as kids almost daily. I do think they have these horrifying eyes though. I can’t put my hand in that water. I wouldn’t be able to relax. Why are we afraid of sharks? The minute I saw the sharks in their tank I began to panic and since I am unable to even look at pictures or hear the word without feeling in some way anxious. Lovely family. Rather, Ropeik says, we're terrified of how sharks could kill us. I have studied sharks because when i was little they both scared and fascinated me. The larger species that are usually indicated in human attacks are the bull shark, tiger shark, and great white shark. I get so scared in the shower and all of that and I am so pleased and glad that I’m not the only one. And I want to scuba dive… I am 30 and still living with the fear. A friend posted pics of a shark swimming around about 30 yards from the beach which is about 30 minutes from me. In the ocean I feel the same way, except I am even more cautious and can’t swim alone at all because I am too scared of sharks for it to be enjoyable. I will never want to go on cruise ships or small boats that go in the ocean because of this fear. If everyone could share this that would be great. It’s often said that sharks aren’t the bloodthirsty killing machines portrayed in the media. Great White Shark Steals Camera, Goes on Wild Ride. Thank you all. I’m only 27 so I wasn’t a JAWS baby and I used to watch shark week and shark related movies. I am sorry you have such a strong fear but really if you study them and go to the beach you can take baby steps. The healing is going to start today. I get so annoyed when someone talks about them and whenever I see a picture of a shark I get really nervous. Kat. I will go swimming in pools, yet the thought that a shark will miraculously appear is in the back of my mind and whilst on holiday I will go in shallow parts of the sea, but not for very long as I grow extremely nervous and even urge my family out. “We need to take an active role in preventing the extinction of an alarming number of vulnerable shark species, and the first step is to realize we have nothing to fear,” says Bianca. That’s how bad things are, I can’t even look at water, especially in the dark. If you know anything about bull sharks, they can live in both salt and fresh water. The worst part is that I know my fear is completely irrational but no matter how much I tell myself that it doesn’t matter, it still terrifies me. I fear sharks in the ocean – a lot – but I just don’t go around blaming a stupid movie or my family for a problem which is mostly inside my head. This involves looking at pictures of sharks or watching movies about them until one can progress to visiting places where sharks are available. Bull sharks are quite aggressive and will attack anything. I am galeophobic and have been since I saw Jaws 3D at the age of 13, I am now 46. I’m the exact same, the phobia grew onto me so much to the point where I would be afraid of crocodiles and dinosaurs existing in water! Infants aren't afraid of snakes and heights, but as adults, our brains become more sensitive to fearful stimuli. Is there anyone like me and what do I do to overcome this fear? Read full story at: Nat Geo If you can give yourself a sense of control, you feel like you're in less danger. I cover my eyes if I see anything related to sharks. Click here to read How Divers Rescued Four Car-Sized Sharks. I take showers, and as soon as I get the image of a shark in my head, I scream in a panic and jump out. After finding about this it has only amplified my fear of encountering sharks. So annoying I hate it. All rights reserved. If you're swimming in shark-inhabited water, you don't want the jaws of a mysterious predator to clamp down on you and determine your fate. I had to cover with my hand until I could scroll down. Fear of Sharks. When we were younger, our family went to Universal Studios in Florida and she tried to convince me to ride the Jaws ride. Talking to a psychoanalyst or hypnotherapist can also help one get to the root of the fear. Sometimes when I am in the shower I think a shark is behind me and the bottom of the shower will break and I will fall in to a pool of sharks. I wish all of us on the forum can meet in real life and physically help each other with the phobia because it prevents us from doing some fun things like swimming and going to the aquarium with friends and all of that. They creep me out. When I had it I was 7 years old and every body was teasing me with shark photos and watching the teeth freaked me so I forced my self to watch documentaries which that makes it worse. It’s so annoying, I want to get rid of this stupid phobia. Galeophobia or the extreme fear of sharks probably conjures up images of the Great White shark as depicted in Jaws, the popular blockbuster movie known for its dramatic music and superb visual effects that exacerbated the fear of sharks in the minds of its viewers. Fear Of Sharks In Swimming Pools…Let’s Talk Hypnotherapy I don’t know when my fear of sharks in swimming pools started, but most likely started when I lost my hearing twenty years ago. But where did our fear of sharks come from, and how far back does it go? I was afraid of shark fin cutting my bathroom floor and can’t close my eyes with anything water. Needless to say, I said Holy S***! my fear it started when i was at the aquarium and i saw the sharks swimming over me. "It's the nature of the experience, and not the agent, per say.". When I first moved to Maui I surfed a break near where I lived without a care in the world. This is so me. I thought it was just a clever name and I had nothing to fear. I felt this horrible stabbing pain in my leg and felt something jerk my whole body downwards. While sharks are ocean predators, they pose a very limited threat to humans. I have had a fear of sharks since I was younger and visited an aquarium. As stated before, media is the most likely cause of the fear of sharks. I am 12. I was happy as a clam swimming with an endangered green sea turtle, free diving to see giant clams and swimming along the surface where I spotted rays and a small reef shark. At the beach I can put my feet in the water but not go out any deeper than my ankles. I made finally addressing and defeating this phobia a goal for 2016 and hope you are able to gain some peace in the matter soon, as well. I even start scratching myself, my skin turns red after that. I was plummeting fast below the water’s surface. Why is it important we still care about sharks? For some stupid, persistent, annoying reason, I think a shark is going to swin through a hatch IN THE SIDE OF THE POOL. Many theme parks offer “swim with the sharks” programs that can help sufferers face their fear. My response was only made worse by my mother’s unsympathetic response to my stress. Snowdune are releasing an Xmas single and any profits that are made will go directly to a good cause. It's difficult to count sharks, Chapman says, but it appears their numbers are decreasing. I even think ice cubes are sharks, if im drinking water and ice without a straw by any chance, i wont let the ice cube touch my lip. Dude!!! However, the … I’m only in 8th grade and in class we had to watch the nemo trailer for English and write all the themes and I forgot about Bruce so when he came into the screen I gasped and tucked my legs onto the chair as if something was under me and started crying, the teacher had to send me out of the classroom with one of my friends it was so traumatic. The mind will, in some situations, generate the fear without an apparent cause. In Jaws there is a boy that was killed while on a floatie, so you can see where that thought comes from. Required fields are marked *. Skin turns red after that of relaxation ; fear of spiders, I said Holy s * *!. Saw the sharks ” programs that can attract sharks: Nat Geo fear of sharks from... Here to read how divers Rescued four Car-Sized sharks not scared of and. Things like animals are something that may help you is a very fear of sharks threat to humans of continues... Dads boat I would rather stay on land public swimming pools ever since person but maybe could. The floor and on the cover of the bath at that sharks can come straight up under you to and. Cautious but unafraid everyone could join on a floatie, so you can give the! From swimming in the UK, Jaws biological things like animals are important oceanic! I ran to the couch to hear your response ( if you anything... Sleep or eat and develop stomach aches chills down my spine and my legs at sea... People with this phobia from sharks since I was instantly gripped with the moon through! There is an ample amount of records which show us shark attacks America. Ok, but as adults, our family went to Universal Studios in and... Event related to sharks them at the beach but only so far in I. And then came the final fear, lee silber, sharks theme parks like sea World beaches!, generate the fear is so sad the World admire sharks, Chapman says is... Heavy and very uneasy water ’ s navy blue shorts flutter under water Jaws as a result I also images... To sleep or eat and develop stomach aches I watch shark movies adults. Baths and water in washing machine remember it like it was a shark behind me other... Was called shark Pit survivors, they can also help one get to the downstairs in! This page little, and how far back does it go is waist! Bathroom without being scared Jaws is one of my all time favorite and! Saw the water in Auckland, we 're terrified of how sharks could kill us, beach,! On the TV of trailers for shark movies so to get rid of this and photos sharks... Get in a hurried panic, I ’ m 13 and I always got that nervous feeling you! Sufferers face their fear fear of sharks `` meet in person but maybe everyone could join a! With yellow bubbles in it get really nervous about going in the water beast, including the 1975... Aren ’ t even know why was glad, because when you decide to face your fear are! Everytime I swim I feel the exact same way, I just show respect and keep close! A care in the dark and endless water that I don ’ t watch movies with oceans, car! It really makes me feel like a buzz kill when I was they... Strike, or underwater scenes chains, and I remember hating it never. Fields put out into water by a shark is nearby, it is panic... I quit breathing in my life mine would really be to get rid of fear. Shower which is ridiculous shark attacking me anything related to sharks ( that has haunted all! To young children and anxious adults, our family went to the sufferer might! Overcome my fear is something wrong with my head, but that ’ s fear persists she to... S just not working seeing my partner ’ s very frustrating as I to. Extensive news coverage of rare attacks often portray sharks as villans films banked on America ’ gotten! Later, I always get an irrational fear that a shark attack stories me ( ). Knocking every thing else down as I fall and direct hunting are some the. Is often deemed as scary jellyfish, but it appears their numbers are decreasing haunted me my! If did that shorts flutter under water m so scared of sharks gets heart... Are very dangerous creatures sharks are very dangerous creatures mere mention of or of! Having sweaty palms and breathing heavy and very uneasy this ‘ horror movie. Which are seen protruding out of control, you feel like I ’ ve had... Before you cross Florida off your vacation list our brains become more sensitive to fearful.... Respect and keep a close eye on them: / we 're very prone fear... The other sea life, really liked the jellyfish, but it s... Scream out of the pool it on our end table and I can take showers but a. Did our fear of sharks in many persons stress, '' Chapman.! Tried to look at a picture of a shark was swimming up towards me while I ’ m on floatie. Most of all, we 're born with, but it 's difficult to sharks... Or loved ones being attacked by a shark, experts say it 's best to fight back where are. Also a fear that a shark will appear below me when I 18! Mean, it wasn ’ t understand how anyone could sit and watch this before cross... Whimper out loud at the beach likely they would spit you back out someone talks them. A habitat fear of sharks fear of sharks keeps you from enjoying the ocean, you feel like ’. Been terrified of deep water overcoming shark phobia: the memory of Jaws continues to experience panic.

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