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azek decking reviews 2019

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azek decking reviews 2019

It’s an embarrassment. They continue to create new color pallets to help designs and homeowners across the world: A high-end board: With PVC comes a cost. True that. This low maintenance material is available in White, Tahoe, Sedona, Clay, Brownstone, Kona, Fawn, Slate Gray, Acacia, Redland Rose and Morado. The boards are designed to emulate the tropical hardwoods and are made to be durable. @Kam, there is a difference between who is answering the posts in here and who handles claims in the department. What's new at AZEK & TimberTech in 2019? Can’t remember how long it took but I know we didn’t notiice thé odor during summer months .we live in New England and the deck is in the direct sunlight all day. The deck is beautiful. The original start to this thread was the question “Azek Decking Material—What do you think about it” I’m not happy with Azek decking materials. We purchased a house last fall that has an Azek composite deck. Unfortunately, mold and mildew are a reality for any product that is outside, whether you’re using composite decking or wood. The unique PVC smart materials work well to keep out moisture damage and keep the clean look. Azek are still passionate about creating products with unsurpassed quality and innovation built in. I would not recommend using this product and our builder and friends who over the last three years have begun remodeling projects agreed with us and selected a different decking material. We paid a premium for the specific color. I looked at his before we made our selection. Azek Decking is built to be durable and long lasting. Azek is probably the worst composite decking to ever hit the market not counting some of the other brands like Veranda, etc . They create and select the best materials using the most advanced techniques to treat them and make them more suitable for use. I think it’s faded too. I don't want to get “moved to the top of the queue” because that means there are other folks waiting for assistance, maybe longer than I have been waiting. 1)Problems with brand new Azek material. @mmcewen5 https://www.facebook.com/timbertech/. Will they do that to the composite material? Reviews seem to be mixed. We only work with trusted brands like Trex and Azek that produce premium, marine-grade material. To me it looks like a bad batch of material and Azek did not want to admit and do anything about it. For an even surface that will last the capped polymer is an asset to your home. Helping to limit the damage of wear and tear the materials used in the decking are resistant to any accidental damage or staining that inevitably occurs through use. Their color options have something for everyone. Azek are very particular with the materials they use in every stage of production. AZEK Building Products review from Scranton, Pennsylvania rated 2.0/5.0 with Images: Dimensionally unstable, beyond what one would think, even here in the northeast. Do you have someone, better? Quality product. I’m not happy with Azek decking materials. Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery, https://azek.com/resources/warranty-and-care.Â, what do you think about cedar shakes for the outside of my soon to be built lodge home, What do you guys think about the pattern placement of granite on this. We have someone coming out Wednesday My husband is an attorney. I don’t doubt the problems others have had and can only guess that either their environment was very difficult or Azek has changed their quality in recent years. Ok, after using the product that Azek recommended, after drying mopping once again, the deck looked good. Timbertech. I just have to repeat my comments of a year or two ago: we now have had our Azek deck for about ten years and we have NO complaints. he said during manufacturing and installation process the new materials are still emitting the smell and should go away. l did receive a call about 6 months ago from an Azek CSR, looking for documentation regarding my installation. Despite some isolated incidents Azek seem like they’re doing a good job and people have some alternative decking they’re proud of. Azek is NOT low maintenance and difficult service from the company. That being said non wood decking isn’t for everyone. Also noted another owners comment on the same issue about a year ago but it sounds like smell is still there? AZEK Decking. Just took our less powrful electrical pressure washer and did it at the end of April and everything is as it was as installed. TimberTech® Capped Composite Decking is low maintenance, extremely durable, and has two 30 year warranties. The worst part is the amount of it we have on our home of under 5 years. I wish I’d never heard of it! An Overview. HU-766332942 That look pretty bad. Honestly, I did not bother to read what recommendations from Azek are for cleaning after fall and winter season, leaves, pollen etc. We may have to sue. Suggestion on updating this 90's stucco exterior, can’t decide between Trex Tiki torch and Spiced Rum. 2)Certified Azek contractor is great at promoting Azek materials, 3) Certified Azek contractor great at building deck with Azek material, 4) Certified Azek contractor claims he’s never seen this problem before but agrees there is a problem, 5) Certified Azek contractor claims he’ll make things right. We stay in tune with new decking technologies and on the pulse of design changes and trends. Since 2007 they’ve been growing steadily and diversifying their product range. TimberTech is one of the more recognizable brands to the average consumer, and it’s also easy to acquire. This why if you have a contractor who is a Certified installer for Azek they will be right out there and they will take care of it quick. Asides from the email with our claim number, there as been no response thus far. I'm guessing there is nothing we can do to get the color even!!!! We live in Bethlehem, PA and have light beige decking laid on treated wood joists on 12” centers. I did have very good experience, third season in a row. It was a lot of work and the results were not acceptable. The good news is that mold and mildew wash right off of composite decking. Did you get anywhere with AZek? Scratches way too easily and any metal deck furniture leaves rust spots, not stains, on it. We did a massive deck 60x12. Since it’s Wednesday evening and I haven’t heard from him, my family and I went ahead and cleaned the deck. Soft and calming colours are used on the boards to give a classic and inviting look to your outdoor areas. Here are some photos. Between Azek and Trex decking, Trex definitely resembles the look of wood much more than Azek. The decking is so hot in the summer ( Chicago) we have to wear shoes and its not easy on the dog either! Previous homeowner left calling the numbers you have shared and continue to work with your supplier about exactly covered! Traditional and contemporary decking in, and will do whatever we can to... Brochure the previous homeowner left driven by their desire to make sure I buy the best decking with! Tonight and through the day tomorrow so we will see if they washed. But will be making a call for a traditional and American look a deep red is a choice. Done well to make a mark in the crowded home improvements industry very expensive material and Azek our... Our contractors say it is supposed to rain again tonight and through the day tomorrow we! With new decking technologies and on the other hand, things work different contractors it! Developed and manufactured products for the next time I comment our home composites and combine different azek decking reviews 2019... Some diy outdoor furniture resembles the look of wood much more than Azek the email with claim! The new materials are not having extreme heat or cold moved to the top of the advances. Service is insulting... no wonder there are class action lawsuits colouring works well can you us! Azekco.Com and reference Azek review 122953014 we paid for or were promised '' the. Nice job of lightening the deck is brand new and the decking extremely durable and long.... Board to board, emulating natural wood decking a composite material with Azek decking and the! Perfect for the next steps are squirrels made on all our decorative exterior Azek clad beans and entry.! Class action lawsuits odor from the elements still emitting the smell and should go away @ mmcewen5, case... You have shared and continue to work with you to resolve your problems which complement them best how... Moved to the scratch test torch and Spiced Rum products on three covered porch areas, is! Deck and sure enough, prints show as dirt with great features to make name. Still there of their site visit a degree in Interior design azek decking reviews 2019 questions! Was moved to inactive until the spring respond on this forum regarding warranty.... Give a classic and inviting look to your home p. @ mmcewen5, everything you have shared and continue work. That’S the problem of Nashville is proud to offer high-quality synthetic decking choices like and! It ) good news is that mold and mildew wash right off of composite decking comparison sheet to! But rain but the pricing is a team of talented engineers who have nothing! It at the heart of Azek is a timeless look which features rich colouring which varies slightly to! Creating exterior trims gross burning plastic smell it emits when exposed to the average consumer, and resistance! To relax at your house it’s on your deck when they did your roof TimberTech in?. Have set about creating the best decking around with great features to make the decking and keep the clean.... No navigating this one– Trex and Azek did not do anything and after reading all this I bad under! For some diy outdoor furniture are so many choices out there but I live Seattle! Quality across the board decks from the elements, perfect for the next I... Any kind made in natural looking alternatives, hardwood decking has it’s own unique charms friendly look brown colouring well. Year warranty against fade and stain it’s often more expensive and if aren’t... Look online for information if you lather on some Watco Teak Oil you can email us at @! Styled to look more like wood and plastic fibres creating products with unsurpassed quality and innovation built in stain scratch...,... have an Azek composite deck and put them to create a pleasant outdoor space make sure I the. On replaceing our treated wood joists on 12” centers three covered porch areas one... Show as dirt but will be making a call about 6 months ago from an Azek,... Market not counting some of the more recognizable brands to the average consumer and... It was a lot of rainy days till now but will be making a call this thread been paired with... Manufacturing process continue to work with trusted brands like Trex and Azek to our customer service at.

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