As brands and agencies increasingly look to align with the likes of IG stars and YouTube celebs, – forgoing traditional media and bloggers alike – questions lingers: Who is influential, how is it measured and how can it be monetized? How do an individual athlete or personality’s social channels compare to traditional media platforms when it come to marketing campaigns, ad buys, and moving the masses? Does your writing matter more than your Tweeting? Does your YouTube video compare to your Instagram picture? Is an Instagram star more valuable than an NBA star? We speak with an influencer, an agency spender and a data miner to cut through the noise and tell you really what’s what.

• JR Jackson, JR Sport Brief
• Brandon Williams, Ketchum Sports & Entertainment
• Kyle Nelson, MVP Index

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BWB makes its return to the Windy City on Wednesday, April 29, 2015 – conveniently immediately preceding the 2015 NFL Draft. This year will be a combination of panels, Q&A’s, presentations and networking opportunities.