Justice, Society and the Rise of Online and Athlete Activists

2014 saw an unprecedented intersection between sports and social issues.  Social media fueled the conversation – and controversy – as athletes and journalists alike took to platforms like Twitter to both cover and opine on everything from Michael Sam’s journey to “I Can’t Breathe” in the NBA to Ray Rice’s actions.  In the eyes of the public, often athletes became polarizing and media became agenda-driven as a result.  In an age where everyone has a platform, what roles could and should athletes and sports-oriented influencers take on social issues?  What is their responsibility for engaging or leading the conversation of off-field issues?  What backlash have they received and is it warranted?  Our diverse panel take a look at these topics and more.

•  Moderator:  Kevin Blackistone, ESPN
•  Julie DiCaro, A League of Her Own
•  Aaron Harison, Co-Founder & President, Washington Free Beacon
•  Greg Howard, Deadspin
•  Chris Kluwe, NFL
•  Cyd Zeigler, Outsports

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