As part of the BWB NFL Roundtable this past month in Toronto, there was quite a bit of discussion, particularly by former Pro Bowler Tiki Barber and Assistant Executive Director of External Affairs at the NFLPA George Attalah on player health and safety in relation to changes in schedule, rules and so forth that have come about in the League.  From Andrew Bucholtz’s recap at Awful Announcing:

The expanded Thursday night games this year were discussed heavily, with Barber saying he didn’t like the idea.

“When I was getting older as a player, I didn’t feel good until Friday,” he said. “I think the product goes down.”

Atallah said those Thursday games will be studied from an injury perspective afterwards, but he said they have to also be seen in the context of the whole CBA and its player safety improvements, which include less practices, less padded workouts, less offseason activity and a stand against expanding the season to 18 games…

Atallah said the injuries in the NFL already are staggering.

“We’re looking at 4,500 injuries in the NFL roughly per year,” he said. “We’ve only got 1,800 players.”

Today on Fox Business’ Varney & Company, another former Pro Bowler Keith Bulluck talked about the impact of the Thursday night games on players’ career, though he credits the NFL with raising awareness of safety issues.