BWB mainstays Bethlehem Shoals and Lang Whitaker are looking to fund a new daily online read with some of the most talented writers out there. And we think you should do your part. Click here to help.

The Classical is a daily web publication. We’ve written about sports and other things for the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated, GQ, The Nation, Yahoo! Sports, New York Magazine, Vice, Pitchfork, and more. We’ve started blogs you love, written books you’ve bought, and tweeted with you about critical theory, punk rock, and Kevin Durant. The Classical is the place where we write about those things some more, but on our terms, for ourselves and for the audience we know is out there.

Every day, The Classical will deliver several regular columns, a host of quick, random goodness, and a fun, smart community for talking about the sports world. There will be long features (a 25,000-word piece on Pete Alexander, say, or introductions to particular niches of sports fandom) and contributions from the world: prizewinning novelists, internet celebrities, guys and girls we went to school with who are unappreciated geniuses, members of the public. There will be theme weeks in the spirit of FreeDarko’s “Dream Week,” on-the-ground reporting when we can, and essays commissioned by you, the readers.


We will make no attempt to be comprehensive, or even to offer a reliable guide to the world of sport at a given moment. We will not try to be a smarter version of what you can find elsewhere. Instead, The Classical will be a running, wide-ranging conversation between us and our readers about baseball, basketball, soccer, football and fighting, and about things that aren’t sports, too. Our model in this regard is The Awl, a site for which many of us have written and which all of us love.

Writing about sports the way that smart people talk about sports is a simple idea, and a good one. To do it right, though—to set up a sustainable business, rather than yet another blog or Tumblr—takes some money. Site design and hosting, lawyering and other businessish stuff, and keeping a couple of us at this full time while we show and prove ourselves will require resources. We need to fund our budget for one year, and we need your help to do it.