We have such a tremendous amount of respect for the collective work of the crew at FreeDarko.  When we first conceptualized our wishlist of panelists for the first BwB, a top-priority was finding a way to convince Bethlehem Shoals/Nathaniel Freidman to fly from Seattle to NYC and trust us enough to make it worth his while.

We’re glad we did…and he did.

While initially we were saddened to read news of the site coming to an end after six years, we are excited to see what the group and its individuals do in the next chapter of their careers.

From the New York Times’ Off the Dribble blog:

Started by a group of friends from a fantasy league to write about basketball for fun, FreeDarko ended up becoming the first of what became a long line of irreverent basketball blogs.

After countless posts over the years and two successful books about the N.B.A., the site will publish its final post Monday.

The mainstays Nathaniel Friedman (a.k.a Bethlehem Shoals) and the illustrator Jacob Weinstein will be going on to other pursuits, but they took some time to discuss the site and its impact.

You can read the interview here: FreeDarko Goes Dark