Darko, Zerkle, Lang Whtaker.

There have been a lot of goodbyes this week in this little online sports blog world of ours.

Today was Dan Levy’s (and Nick Tarnowski’s) turn at On the DL Podcast /Press Coverage.

Dan’s work ethic to produce something of such high-quality and originality – on a daily basis – will forever leave a footprint on this community (or whatever you choose to call it).

In a lot of ways, I think he got too far out in front of himself, too early. What he’s done and how he’s done it may still be ahead of its time – Dan mentioned as much in a recent episode when he noted that he once thought 2010 would be the year of the podcast, but now it’s looking like that will be 2011.

On second though, I’m not going to call it a goodbye – more like a see-you-later.  If I know Dan and his willingness to share his opinions, I can’t see him staying away for too long.

You can listen to the last episode here: DL555: This Is The Last Show.

That all said. Dan went out with an absolute bang. To accompany the final show, Dan created one of the most epic posts ever.  EVER:

The Sports Blogosphere…As Muppets. A Farewell And Whole-Hearted Thank You.