Over the weekend we noted that today marks the final post at FreeDarko.com.

Last week also saw some other movement on the NBA media front as BwB2 panelist Lang Whitaker announced his final day at SLAM:

So, getting to the point: As of this [past] Friday, I will no longer be a full-time editor here at SLAM.

What does that mean? Well, we’re not really sure just yet. I’ll get a fancy new title like Editor at Large. I’m still going to write a lot in every issue of SLAM, will still write on the site. The Links will probably go from the homepage to the drop-down menu, but the biggest change is that I won’t be working out of the SLAM office any longer. And now I’ve got the free time I’ve been dreaming about to chase down other dreams.

What are those dreams? Well, that’s a great question. Right now, besides SLAM, I’ve already got a few pots on the stove. I’m still rep for SLAM on bigger stages, doing things like NBA TV and the podcast on NBA.com (50th episode is available here). My memoir is out and, kinda amazingly, has been getting some great reviews…I’m writing essays about random lifestyle things in each issue of Antenna magazine, and I’m working on a food website for guys (it launched this week and my first column is up here).