From @jaymelamm

Blogs with Balls was one of the most interesting and relevant panels at SxSWi, the interactive conference that ended last week in Austin. With big names like AJ Daulerio (Editor-in-chief, Gawker Media), Spencer Hall (Contributor, SB Nation), Jemele Hill (Columnist and Television Analyst, EPSN), Dan Shanoff (Founder, Quickish Media), and Darren Rovell on the panel, we got an inside look on how sport’s media has changed and continues to do so.

There used to be a velvet rope in the sport’s world that 99% of us had to stand behind. We didn’t have the credentials or glossy business cards with a big network name on it to get us into the locker rooms or press boxes or onto the fields. We waited for breaking news and information and were at the discretion of teams and credentialed journalists to get us that info.

For aspiring writers, broadcasters and sport’s industry experts, this new way of breaking news (i.e. Twitter, blogs, podcasts) is exciting. Now we are all allowed to partake in the news from the very beginning and are no longer held to simply offering analysis on “old news” after it’s already been reported.

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