If this keeps up, athletic departments will become irrelevant.

Maybe not, but I am somewhat surprised no one’s attempted this before.

From a press release today:

Miami will be the first college athletics department to `shutdown’ its official website for a full business day and communicate solely through social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, UStream, YouTube and an unprecedented 14 hours of Live Chats with Hurricane coaches and standout student-athletes.

From 8 a.m. through the final out of the Miami baseball season opener against Rutgers, the staff of HurricaneSports.com will forget its official website – HurricaneSports.com – and communicate directly with fans through 14-plus hours of live chats, tweets and Facebook posts.

In addition, and perhaps obviously, the University is soliciting interactivity:

So now the real question is, who do you want to see during the first ever Social Media Day?  What players and coaches do you want to Chat with?  And are you going to call in sick and spend the day talking about the C-A-N-E-S with the entire UM nation? Use the links below to make your requests for players and coaches.

Tweet Your Requests | File Request Through HurricaneSports.com | Facebook Post