An interesting tidbit from Brooks’ post, Sporting News Paid AOL Millions To Drop Fanhouse:

I’ve also learned that Sporting News outbid another sports content provider for the deal with AOL. In the competing offer, leveled by a prominent sports blog network, much of Fanhouse’s editorial staff would have remained intact. But AOL’s Armstrong opted to take the annual cash payouts from Sporting News parent American City Business Journals while jettisoning over 90% of AOL-paid Fanhouse positions.

Does anyone affiliated with the matter out there care to disclose which sports content provider was proposing to come in to be the savior of FanHouse jobs?  For what it’s worth, my off-the-cuff guess is SB Nation (UPDATE: Chris Mottram tells Ben Koo it wasn’t SB Nation), but I’d imagine a recent funding haul at Bleacher Report could also have helped finance such a deal. And of course there’s always Yahoo! Sports, CBS Sports, and NBC Sports, all of whom would certainly have the money (I think) to throw at Aol.

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