After weeks of deliberation, Blogs with Balls is proud to announce the lineup for our panel at SxSW, How Blogs With Balls Are Saving Sports Media. The panel is slated for March 14 during SxSW’s Interactive Festival (which runs March 11-15).

In brief, the purpose and focus of the panel is to showcase across digital genres how sports bloggers have emerged as some of the most important media influencers, connecting directly with one of the most coveted audience demographics filled with young, passionate adults.  It aims to address (among other things) how this democratization has disrupted the existing models for big sports leagues, teams, players, coaches and media outlets and what other industries can learn from the creative and technical innovators in sports media today.

The group we pulled together is a mix of new and old faces from the growing Blogs with Balls family; and a balance of representatives from new and old media.

Without further ado…

AJ Daulerio | Editor,

( | twitter)

When he took the reins of the number one sports blog in the world, AJ implemented a vision of sports blogging/reporting that is redefining what it means to be a sportswriter.  AJ is bringing a new focus on original reporting and breaking news – the blantant turf of ESPN,, and major daily newspapers – and doing it with huge success.  From Brett Favre’s recent text messages to developing a dedicated community that supports the site, AJ has taken Deadspin from “biggest sports blog” to “must read sports” by sports fans and media alike.  AJ has demonstrated over and over that he is not out to win a popularity contest.   Deadspin represents a genuine community that is co-created by the community.  AJ has written for all kinds of media (prior to joining Deadspin full-time, he was a staff writer for Philadelphia Magazine. He’s also written for Maxim, Penthouse,, Vice Magazine, The Huffington Post, and The New York Times).

Spencer Hall | Editor & Writer, SB Nation

(SB Nation | EDSBS | twitter)

Spencer Hall has been a fixture at Blogs with Balls events because he pulls no punches, is extremely funny, and has been a pioneer of what it means to be a sports blogger and writer.  He is a prolific writer, and his knowledge of college football is second to none.  Spencer’s success led him from writing his own site to being a major contributor and editor of SB Nation – the network of sites founded by Markos Moulatsas in 2003 and helmed by Jim Bankoff that is changing the face of sports blogging every day.  He has a Master’s Degree in International Affairs, taught ESL in Taiwan, and between 2001 and 2007 worked for two different agencies that supported refugees.  His work with SB Nation brings the perspective of what networks of sports blogs have done to lift up great writers and provide an organized approach to content creation and dissemination.

Darren Rovell | Sports Business Reporter, CNBC

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Rovell’s career exists in the sweetspot of the changing sports media landscape.  As the business of sports relies more and more on fan connection, his perspectives and reporting are more relevant than ever.  Respected by sports bloggers and traditional media alike, Rovell enjoys a credibility in both worlds and uses that to highlight overlooked angles to popular and breaking news.  Rovell brings a unique perspective to the panel, as he operates in a world of beat reporting, blogging, and working for a major network outlet.

Jemele Hill | Sports Reporter, ESPN

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Jemele Hill is an award winning journalist who spent over a decade working as a sports reporter and columnist with (Raleigh) News & Observer, Detroit Free Press and Orlando Sentinel.  In 2006 she was hired by ESPN, and has since established herself as one of the network’s most provocative and popular personalities, both as a writer of a twice-weekly column for, and as a regular contributor to ESPN’s “1st and Ten,” “Jim Rome Is Burning,” and “Around The Horn.”

Moderated by:  Dan Shanoff | Founder,

(twitter | website)

Dan Shanoff is the founder of Quickish Media (, a real-time news and discovery service that helps people keep up quickly with the big things that are happening. He was the creator and producer of the “Daily Quickie,” a popular feature published daily on for nearly four years. He has worked in online media for 15 years, including content roles at Real Fans Sports Network (acquired by AOL), Starwave (acquired by Disney), Sports Illustrated and the National Football League. Most recently, he was VP of Content for Associated Content, acquired last summer by Yahoo!


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