Jason Peck did a phenomenal job putting together a group of bright minds and assembling a must-read e-book about sports and social media for the coming year.  We were honored to be asked to contribute and ask that you take a look and give some feedback.

From Jason’s site:

2009 has been a breakout year for sports and social media. Athletes, teams, leagues, coaches, media and sponsors have finally started to take note of how social media impacts sports and fans. There have been some really great executions and ideas as well as some missteps.

It is my pleasure to present the ebook, Sports and Social Media Predictions 2010, which features 16 smart people and thought-leaders who have graciously shared their opinions, thoughts and predictions for sports and social media in 2010.

Feel free to download this, read it, blog about it, and share with your friends and coworkers. I hope you find it interesting.
Sports Social Media Predictions 2010

Sports Social Media Predictions 2010