what happens in vegas… always ends up in a blog (The Fast & the Fabulous)

Blogs With Balls did an awesome job with the sports blogging track and I cannot wait to go back next year. To me being a blogger is about being a part of something that isn’t mainstream; it’s something you get to make up for yourself. So I love hearing other people’s experiences and opinions.

Annie Duke’s Poker Prowess Helps Feed Starving Africans (Deadspin)

And the always inquisitive Dan Levy asks the questions about her poker-playing causes. Seriously, this was a great event and Mr. Levy should be commended for pulling it all together — and dealing with drunk bloggers in Vegas.

Blogworld Expo 2009 Recap (jimkukral.com)

Friday night was a blast because I got the opportunity to play in the Blogs with Balls charity poker tournament at the Hard Rock Casino. For $60, I was able to sit at a table with two professional poker players… and beat them both! Yep, I sat with Annie Duke (she was on the Celebrity Apprentice) and another guy named Gavin Smith.