Blogs With Balls was Balls-Tastic (With Leather)

I was treated to solid discussion and insight from a terrific blend of media people, from bloggers to journalists to a variety of other professional people that use media in any conceivable way. The HHR Media Group and its partners put on a terrific event. It was beautifully paced and well-attended, with the outstanding panels were the foundation for that event…

Of course, the only issue with this is that Blogs With Balls 3.0 will almost certainly be a disappointment, unless they have it on the moon. Yeah, that’s the big obstacle that new media faces: too much gravity.

…Plus, a Blogs With Balls recap (SLAM Online)

This was my first trip to Blogs With Balls, and if you’re a blogger or internet writer or whomever, whether you’re a vet like myself or someone who’s just starting out, I can’t recommend getting to the next Blogs With Balls (probably in early 2010) highly enough. Pretty much everyone who is anyone in the internet sports world was out there, and it was cool to finally get a chance to hang out with people I’ve been reading and emailing and tweeting with for years, from Jamie Mottram to Skeets to A.J. Daulerio.