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McEnroe_MSG_0160Today we tease our flubbed conversation with John McEnroe. Don’t worry – we will salvage it.

He spoke with us about a number of things including his guitar playing, Wilmbledon dream matches, the future of the sport and more. But mainly he was on to promote prostate cancer awareness as an ambassador for “Stand Up 2 Cancer.”

Please visit ProstateCancerWatch.com and check back in soon for audio and transcripts of our conversation.

Admittedly we ramble on for a bit in the beginning, but an early point we are trying to make is that credibility is among the most important qualities to have online.  We hope the reason we were able to bring so many top online sports influencers together for both BwB 1 &2 is due to the fact that we have taken the time to build and cultivate relationships, are genuinely sincere and honest, and have created a track record.

As such, we tried to make this a recurring theme appears throughout the program.

We had a ton of fun talking about this week’s Ballsy Blog of the Week – our good friends at WhoDeyRevolution.com.

There latest task in “Project Mayhem” could very well have resulted in the first time in the history of the NFL that an owner of a team ordered the grounding of an airplane.

WDR points out that the shenanigans were picked up by ESPN (via the AP) and Pro Football Talk:

ESPN.com is running the AP story on their website about last night’s scrimmage, and the piece includes this great nugget:

“An estimated 6,500 fans showed up for the annual scrimmage. Soon after it started, a small plane flew overhead towing a banner that read: “101-187-1 … HIRE A GM!” That’s the Bengals’ record since 1991, when Mike Brown took control of the team after his father’s death.

Brown functions as the team’s de facto general manager. He was sitting on a patio next to the press box, watching the scrimmage, when the banner flew overhead. The Bengals have had only one winning season during Brown’s 18 years of running the team.”

Also, ProFootballTalk gave Project Mayhem Task #9 a in their AFC North One-Liners.

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Our guest this week is author, entrepreneur and former college standout/Arena League player Lewis Howes.

Howes literally wrote the book on online networking (LinkedWorking) and has used its techniques to establish an unmatched network of sports executives across the country.

Lewis talks about the importance of building relationships, trust and a brand identity online and offline.

Of course, we couldn’t let him go without testing his familiarity with “relationship experts” on this week’s “Skyped Up” segment.

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