GQ Goes to Blogs with Balls 1.0 (

And an aggressively masculine name, like Blogs with Balls, doesn’t entirely deter females from attending.

Blogs With Balls Conference Recap (

They pulled off something that I think has been at least 5 years in the making, and the result is something that can happen annually…

Top 10 Moments in Sports Blog History  (Real Clear Sports)

While the long-term effect of Blogs With Balls is still unknown, the immediate effect was clear: the importance and legitimacy of sports blogs is very real, and is only getting bigger as the line between them and more established media continues to disappear.

Sports Bloggers: Respect Us or Suffer the Consequences (Ted Leshinski’s Sports Pub)

The value of attending the “Blogs with Balls” event was immeasurable.

Weekly Fix Podcast – Episode 59 (Talk Hoops)

Blogs With Balls was a phenomenal experience and a great chance to meet some of the best and most interesting people in the blogging community.

My Weekend at “Blogs with Balls” in NYC (Joe Sports Fan)

All four of our panel members have tremendously different backgrounds and digital footprints. Ultimately, the goal of our panel was to spark discussion between each other and the audience via Q&A to show some commonality between what we all do on a daily basis.

Rashad Mobley Goes One-on-One With The Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg (Hoops Addict)

…it’s an incredible concept, it was great to meet dozens of people I’ve only known as email addresses, and to see friends I haven’t seen too much outside of Super Bowls and other bizarre blogger-togethers.

Congrats to Blogs with Balls (Team Speed Kills)

Any vocation worth its weight in salt has an associated trade show, so it was good to see sports blogging getting its own weekend.