Part III of our collection of recaps from Saturday’s event. See Part I hereSee Part II here.

‘It’s no longer just a hobby for people’ (Soft Pretzel Logic)

I think you’re finding that blogs are becoming a lot more popular and a lot more legitimate, and people are taking them seriously. It’s no longer just a hobby for people, it’s a kind of lifestyle, and possibly a career, too.

Homeward Bound (Cleveland Frowns)

Not only only did we have the opportunity to meet and chat with a number of our favorite bloggers in person, but think we might actually have learned a few things from these and the panel discussions.

Blogs With Balls- A Turning Point for Sports 2.0 (Koo’s Corner)

While I thought this was going to be a stepping stone to bigger and better things, it was much more then that. At the risk of sounding corny, it was truly a turning point for an industry that desperately needed an event like this for both the internal and external validation that its relevancy, commercial viability, and momentum will truly change how sports are covered, discussed, and celebrated.

Blogs With Balls, For The Win! (National Lampoon – Splog!)

Many distinguished writers and bloggers were represented at the first of what should be many sports blogging conventions. Sites from all over the US were represented in NYC and it was both exciting and insightful.

Blogs With Balls 1.0: The Hangover (Rumors & Rants)

Blogs With Balls was a phenomenal idea…

Blogging Econo (Pitchers & Poets)

More importantly, the conference allowed me to flesh out some ideas on blogs and blogdom and the broader sports media landscape that I had been unable to previously articulate. The panelists were a mix of blogger/writers, new media moguls, and miscellaneous white people. I learned a ton.

The Future of Sports Media with Dan Steinberg And Greg Wyshynski (On the DL – Write Up), (On the DL Podcast)

If Tony Kornheiser was 25-years old right now, obviously he’d be blogging. He wouldn’t be ‘old man making fun of bloggers’ he would obviously be blogging, because that’s what everyone is doing now. It’s a medium that, for a lot of reasons, is a lot more sensible in this day and age

But I’ve Got the Biggest… (Miss Chatter)

The line I walked away with that stuck with me was not that I should consider myself media, but rather a “professional sports fan”.