Part II of our collection of recaps from Saturday’s event. See Part I here.

Mike Florio Makes The Leap From Loathsome Gossip To Mainstream Building Block  (Deadspin)

First, about Blogs With Balls. This was an astoundingly well-attended and well-run event that showed the rapid growth and respectability this industry has gained. Forget the blogs and bloggers that attended — the mainstream media was there in full-force as well, including ESPN filming footage for an upcoming Outside The Lines segment that will hopefully not treat the whole thing like a Comic-Con event.

Blogs with Balls Conference: An Unintentionally Long Novel of a Recap: Part One (Red Cup Rebellion)

While I felt like I may have learned more from the other speakers in this panel, Spencer [Hall] stayed gloriously off-topic, and it was a riot to see him open a line of thought willy-nilly and tie it back into something articulate, borderline profound.

Blogs With Balls: A Recap of the Largest Sports Blogger & New Media Gathering  (Mouthpiece Sports)

Talent will rise to the top. The panelists—and many of the attendees—at Blogs With Balls confirmed as much. The taste-makers and industry-changers are those with a unique take and the skills to express that take.

‘Why ignore what people are talking about?’ (Soft Pretzel Logic)

The one thing that we wanted to do from the beginning is put people in one room. Put some faces on people that are blogging and that are folks you see online, and note the fact that these are real people, these are intelligent people, and they’re influential people as well.

‘Well-written content shows itself pretty clearly’ (Soft Pretzel Logic)

So I think part of the fact that ESPN is here should boost the people who are saying, “Oh, I get that stupid blogger stereotype of just a lonely person.” No, everyone deserves respect for what they do.

Blogs With Balls Recap- With Video (Sports Media Journal)