Special Thanks

First, thank you to all of our panelists, sponsors and attendees for making this (by most accounts) a major success. There were a few bumps in the road (as can be expected during the initial offering), but we are confident that we can hash things out before taking over Vegas in a few months.

Thank you also to the staff of Stout who went above and beyond in making the hectic day as comfortable as possible.

Finally, there were a handful of folks who volunteered the day of to sign guests in, escort and round up panelists, and generally keep Don, Chris and Kyle’s heads from exploding. Ali, Jen, Megan, Lauren & Christian, we owe you big.

A special thanks also goes out to Rob from rrbaker.com and Ben from Beryllium Pictures who worked to film the event and are editing the footage for consumption; Jon Hendricks for working sound; and @aureliusmaximus for insight, support and key intros.

@kenvanderveer, figting off unfavorable lighting, snapped some wonderful photos of guests and speakers which you can view here.

Check out this morning’s BwB ESPN Blog Buzz mention here.

What they are saying…

The Official Blogs With Balls Review: What Was Answered and What Questions Came Out Of A Fantastic Event (On the DL – Write-Up), (On the DL Podcast)

We understand that the conference was as much meet-and-greet as it was anything else. But the underlying theme I can’t seem to get past from that night is that the world has already changed, and that all of us collectively — and each of us individually — have been a part of that change. Or at least our little pockets therein.

Blogs with Balls – Crushing it. (The Cricket Tier)

Blogs with Balls 1.0 was a good event through the first 7 hours… and then it became great. Actually it became electrified by the charismatic Gary Vaynerchuk. The guy just exudes total never say die confidence that is infectious.

My BlogsWithBalls Report (The Jets Blog)

Once I saw who was involved from a panelist/speaker perspective, I knew it was going to be epic. Believe it or not, the event exceeded my really, really high expectations.

We Just Got Struck By Blogs With Balls (Lacrosse All Stars)

The location fit the bill for your “living in your mom’s basement” blogger stereotype which made the event all the more entertaining. Where else are you going to get the chance to hear Bethleham Shoals (Free Darko, The Sporting Blog) get heated with Jeff Pearlman (Author, SI.com columnist) while simultaneously hearing 4 or 5 beer glasses shatter in the background, then see Gary V drop truth bombs on an army of middle-aged men, and finally hit up an after party sponsored by GQ and hosted by cute girls in silver wigs passing out/trying to shove vodka shots down your throat?

Recap of Blogs With Balls 1.0 Conference (Fang’s Bites)

When you have an opportunity to schmooze with Neil, then Jimmy Traina, Greg Wyshynski of Puck Daddy and Jason McIntyre of The Big Lead, you have to take it. And I did. Fun to meet and talk with all of them.

Blogs with Balls (Jeff Pearlman)

(my friend accurately compared it to a D&D convention, except with athletics instead of fantasy dragons and such)

Maybe we aren’t all going to die (Philly.com’s Soft Pretzel Logic)

Yet the discussion’s tone was impressively civil, even with the copious amount of beer that was consumed by many in the room.

Blogs With Balls: The Recappening (MGoBlog)

Roping in all these different people with different interests is so far beyond my ken that I spent a large section of the day in silent awe of the power of being a nice friendly driven person who can sell other people on your point of view.

The Experience at Blogs With Balls  (Sox & Dawgs)

While there was a lot to process, it was definitely an experience I’ll never forget.

Highlights from Blogs with Balls (The Business of Sports)

I have to say the event was a great success.  The discussion panels were excellent and covered a wide range of topics, including how to leverage social media, generating advertising revenue, contrasting mainstream media vs. “new” media and much more.  

Blogging With (Or Without) Balls (Go GameFace)

But overall, it was an extremely cool event. The programming was well thought out and the speakers were impressive … the place was constantly buzzing (mostly because I think bloggers are not accustomed to listening to others, but instead, love to hear themselves speak) … and the event did provide lots of inspiration for us out there trying to bring our voices to the sports blogosphere.

Sports blogosphere gathers in NY for historic summit (Newsday.com’s Watchdog)

Twenty years from now these guys will be regaling young whippersnappers about the early days of the Internet and the first ever sports bloggers’ convention.

My Road to Omaha (Bus Leagues Baseball)

Special shout-outs go to Yahoo’s Puck Daddy, Greg Wyshinski, who is funny and very likable, and to Spencer Hall Orson Swindle of Every Day Should Be Saturday, who is the rare comedic alpha dog who is willing to laugh at other people’s jokes. Am I name-dropping? Hell yes I am. UffordSebekSarahSpain. Mottram.

Post Blogs With Balls Interview With Kyle Bunch (Koo’s Corner)